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While on the one hand bamboo, a grass, is strong, versatile and a highly renewable material which grows quick and easy, it is a labour-intensive product and helps create jobs and income.  While most building materials are industry-produced, bamboo links agriculture to the construction sector.
- S.K. Pandey, retired forester, currently working as adviser to TERI andNMBA
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World's first polyhouse on the terraced land.
January-March 2008

Thousand Petals created innovative polyhouses those can be erected on the terraced land. In places like Sikkim and North-East India, where most of the land is on hill slopes, making polyhouses is an uphill task. Land development is difficult and also very expensive. Thousand Petals not only made polyhouses on almost 45° degree slope land but also provided better ventilation inside the polyhouse. This innovation makes it possible to get lots of land under polyhouse cultivation at very low cost. With its unique design Thousand Petals also eliminated the need of gutters thus bringing down the cost of polyhouse even further. These polyhouses are showcased by Horticulture Department, Govt. of Sikkim at their model floriculture center near Gangtok.