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Bamboo Facts
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While on the one hand bamboo, a grass, is strong, versatile and a highly renewable material which grows quick and easy, it is a labour-intensive product and helps create jobs and income.  While most building materials are industry-produced, bamboo links agriculture to the construction sector.
- S.K. Pandey, retired forester, currently working as adviser to TERI andNMBA

Thousand Petals Polyhouses Pvt. Ltd believes in teaching it's patented technology to farmers so that farmer is able to construct and maintain his own Polyhouse. He is taught how to treat the bamboo for long-lasting results and how to make a Polyhouse in his own backyard using the innovative low-cost technology of Thousand Petals Polyhouses Pvt. Ltd.

When you work on your land you benefit mutifold. Firstly, you save about 30% of cost (approx. 5 lac per acre in addition to savings due to ETBP). Secondly, project schedule becomes more manageable for you and thirdly, you can carry out maintenance on your own.

Many of our farmer friends have contacted me for a do it yourself training that they can execute themselves and reduce the initial cost incurred in Hitech farming. The training is intended for such enthusiastic lot who can make their hands dirty in soil.

5 day training with lodging and boarding (February 20 to February 24, 2018)

What to expect:
The batch will construct an actual polyhouse. Training will include bamboo treatment, sizing, shaping bamboo, joinery, construction techniques, fixing of UV film, foundations and project management basics.

Typically you require one person trained for every 500 SQM.

For reserving your place email to Training ETBH, cc: to Rajesh Edke

For voice information call +91 9527522380

* click on link to view the GPS location of Main Training Location

* Social Forestry Department of Government of Maharashtra has has successfully completed 130 trainings at their nurseries till date.

* Farmer group at Nagpur, Maharashtra availed training with novelty that one small polyhouse was erected at farmer's site while others worked and learned.

PatentEdke Type polyhouses constructed by students at their farms.

PatentTestimonials by one of the trainees.