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Edke Type Bamboo Polyhouses | Low-Cost Housing | Low-Cost Toilets | Agro Systems
While on the one hand bamboo, a grass, is strong, versatile and a highly renewable material which grows quick and easy, it is a labour-intensive product and helps create jobs and income.  While most building materials are industry-produced, bamboo links agriculture to the construction sector.
- S.K. Pandey, retired forester, currently working as adviser to TERI andNMBA

Edke Type Bamboo Polyhouses (aka Cool Green Polyhouses)

An innovative design using natural material like Bamboos slashes the setup costs of green house by half. As a renewable resource like Bamboo is used instead of steel, the polyhouses built help mitigate global climate change. The use of Bamboo also provides income to the rural economy. Thousand Petals Polyhouses Pvt. Ltd has filed an international Patent application for its unique Technology in 2004.

Why Edke Type Bamboo Polyhouses?

National Mission on Bamboo Application, Govt of India

  • Recommends Edke Type Bamboo Polyhouses
  • Validates the Design of Edke Type Bamboo Polyhouses
  • Guarantees that treated Bamboos will last minimum of 10 years
Cost Effective
  • Costs almost 50% that of steel based polyhouses
  • Saving on Land Development costs
  • Saving on Air Cooling
  • Flexibility in terms of Polyhouse layout
Safe & Durable
  • Wind - Resistant*
  • Pest - Resistant*
  • Treated bamboos will last 10 years*
Social and Environmental Benefits
  • Climate Change Neutral Polyhouse
  • Replaces steel with natural resource like Bamboo
  • Provides rural income to poor farmers
* As validated by NMBA using their techniques and structural studies