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While on the one hand bamboo, a grass, is strong, versatile and a highly renewable material which grows quick and easy, it is a labour-intensive product and helps create jobs and income.  While most building materials are industry-produced, bamboo links agriculture to the construction sector.
- S.K. Pandey, retired forester, currently working as adviser to TERI andNMBA

In News

Thousand Petals Launches the Farm Automation System for small farmers
October 2016

Thousand Petals launched this system comprising of both hardware and software for all farmers. The system automatically switches on the power at required intervals and distributes the water and other nutritions into the irrigation system. It also controls the vital paramters of humidity, temperature, ventilation and light in the greenhouse/polyhouse. The system not only controls the above mentioned elements but also monitors the progress of plants via cameras. All the data is analyzed at the central server for pest control and growth monitoring.

Even though this system is required by small farmers, it is beyond his reach. It is our effort to offer this system at resonable cost to farmers along with years of crop monitoring service.